From A Poor Child To A Rich Dad

You may be born in the poor family where it was tough growing up that you had to work in order to get money to pay school fees or have money for transport, but you have a choice to change all that by how you save and spend what you earn on your daily job for you to become rich.  It would be futile to redefine what has been defined million times that if one was to google the word Poor so many explanations will pop up, the same with the word Rich.  You can google if you want just to get a clear meaning as sometimes we get caught in familiarity that some words we think we know the meaning when in reality we know what others told us.  In case you know by now what the words really mean, lets look at how can you work your way to riches:

We were born equal

Having grown under the privileged circumstances do not make others special, they just grow under special circumstances whereby if the source of the privilege was to be cut off the situation might change within short space of time, all of us came naked in this world as a sign that we own nothing and owe nothing.  We are all born equal with potential to either make it or fake it.  Others may grow under favourable conditions but that does not mean that they can create favourable conditions for their offspring.  It will all depend on that individual if that person sees a need to either change the situation for better or for worse.  Many children who were born under opulence today are adult beggars and many who were born in dire poverty are now wealthy.  Is it about luck or lack of it?  Neither, it is all about the principles that each one of us embrace while young and singling ourselves from the crowd to pursue what we have laid our eyes on.

We either learn or lean

The more we learn at early stage is the more we accumulate knowledge that will enable us to differentiate what is worth doing and what is wasting our time.  We are capable as human species of learning good or bad, but the most dangerous ones are those to do not learn at all as the good might strive to convert them and the bad might strive to use them, they become remote controls in the hands of those who are learned and in the process become lean and wary.  In the process of learning we come across trials and errors whereby we loose or gain.  It is within this learning process that we get exposed to investments, business opportunities and other means that can either make us wealthy or keep us locked in poverty our entire life.

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Start investing early

Wayne received a 10% stake in Apple but relinquished his stock for US$800 less than two weeks later, on April 12, 1976. Had he kept his 10% stock it would have been worth over $35 billion in August 2011.  It sounds as unwise move he made right?  What if he held on to shares in Boston Globe that lost 97% of its value in the past 20 years? That would be called a gamble, you win or loose.  In one news headlines Wayne said he does not regret his decision, it could be that he was not happy and holding on to shares at the expense of his happiness would not have yielded results.  The very same partner he started with, Steve Job died leaving all his wealth and riches.  The point is:  Investing is not about wanting to grow money rapidly but creating wealth for future and for your offspring and for that to happen one has to start early.  Starting investment at early stage allows you to learn how the market operates and you are able to be decisive and be able to get good advisors on the way to success.

Create a better life for you family

In all your endeavors, inculcate in your mind the idea of being someone who will not fail to provide for the family.  If you can be dependable, be able to put bread on the table, take children to school and afford a holiday and a shelter for your family, you are one of the richest in the world.  It all starts with you deciding to make a change in your life for those who will come after you be it your children, siblings and the next of kin who look up to you.  You were born into a poor family background but all that can be changed by you when you align yourself positively and pursue your dreams and goals in life.

  1. Deran says:

    Wish knew this while a punker

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