Make New Year Resolutions A Lifestyle Than Culture

nd radio spaceEach year marks the beginning of new things to some and to others it marks the continuation of what was started a year ago.  It is time where everyone wants to be seen doing something, there are those looking for a new job, others new business opportunities and others for life partner.  And in all the endeavors many do not have it outlined and written with set target no wonder come March they have not moved an inch.

New year resolutions do not have to be implemented exactly on the second day of the year, as long they are written down they can be implemented any time of the year as part of your lifestyle than having it as a culture.  Once you make it a culture you will feel discouraged the moment you miss the deadline and you will view yourself as a failure, but seeing them as lifestyle even when you failed to implement the resolutions you will realize that there was something better that came along which worked better than the resolutions you made earlier.

Do not allow your life to be lived in such a structured manner that you cannot make room for change or it end up feeling like a taboo to bring a change.  Bear in mind that success is doing something that when you look back you are able to see the results of what you have been doing, to some the results can be profit in the bank but to others results could be the improvement made for them to be rightly positioned to take off.

Keep doing what you are good at and do not be petrified to start something new.  Failing is not a death sentence but a proof that you did try something in life.  And out of every failure you encounter there is a lesson that you will have learnt and that lesson will help you do better, even if you are not going to try it again whoever will try it will ask you what could be the best way to do it.

Make room for change. When you do same thing over and over again you maintain same type of people or clients, but when you introduce something new you attract new type of people or clients, but remember, you can also loose clients by trying something new than attracting new ones but that should not stop you from bringing in change in what you do.  Do not implement change because you saw it successful when done by others but find out how successful it will be when you do it yourself and the success is based on the resources you have at your disposal to make things happen.

Have fun, do what you can and what you cannot leave it to experts.  If things do not work according your plan go along with what works even if you did not plan it.  And if you are culturist you will have noted that this article has no sub-headings and you are now going up to read again as you realized you were scanning through rushing for main points.  As a Life Stylist I had to break the monotone and write without sub-headings this time…Compliments!!!

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