If Only…

Ndzavi DerrickThere are many ideas floating in the sea of brains all over the world and some get sunk at the bottom due to lack of enthusiasm from the conceiving mind.  Only those ideas that are harnessed to the optimal make it into the seashore and become real and in turn become a profitable business for the owners.  We would all make our ideas come true If only we could…

Write down the vision

You can discuss your idea with any person you come across out of excitement and even compose a lovely song but if that vision is not written down it might not see the dawn of the day.  Writing down helps you to document what you want and outline how you can get it, in the process you will discover what will make it impossible for you not to achieve it and that will help you find a way to overcome the obstacles.   It is discouraging when you make an appointment as a consultant and all the client has is what is in the mind not in paper.  If Winston Churchill’s words were not documented today we would not know what he said in his lifetime.  You do not write down because someone need to read it but you need to have it and go through it and correct it and fix it until you are ready and determined to do it.

Find out who are already doing it and follow them

Knowing the players in the market within the industry you are eying will answer questions you may have and speed up the process in knowing about the product you want to sell or service you intend rendering.  If you are not employed you can go as far as volunteering to assist at the company in order to have inside knowledge of what is required to run similar company successfully.  Equip yourself with enough knowledge as you must bear in mind that for you to beat your competitors you need to offer what they offer in a better way.

Have a time frame

If you do not set yourself timeframe as to when you can start with the business, it can drag for the next twenty years while in planning stage.  You need to set year and month and date of starting with the business, that way it will help you to make time for the business everyday as you will be busy with planning and preparations.  Should it happen that you postpone the time set, there must be a strong reason and immediately set a new timeframe than giving up.

Start in Phases and stages

What lead to delay in many people from implementing their ideas is that they want to wait until everything is perfect is then they can start with the business.  Learn to do things in phases, if your business requires a big office space, start with your garage, if it requires a telephone landline, start with your cellphone, if it requires a truck, start with a 1 ton car.  As you grow your business steady you also grow the profit margin and at the right time you will reach the ultimate goal, but allow it to go through stages and phases.

When idea is still fresh there is that oomph and energy oozing but as you face challenges you start to see it less of a priority and can easily shelve in at the bottom of your brains and carry on with life as if the idea never existed, it is when someone you know start it that you will gasp and say: “If Only.”


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