Advertising on Social Media For Results

Ndzavi DerrickSocial media is a great platform for networking, business connection, family contact, friendship, dating that may lead to marriage or heartbreak, whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is any person who is on social media already know the purpose and intentions of being there.  How you behave to those you are connected with may make or break your business as you may be consumed with marketing and advertising your business and become useless to your friends or become too social and neglect marketing your business as your time can be consumed by specific person that you may have direct communication with.  In paying special attention to business, the following should be taken into consideration when marketing and promoting it on social media

Be social as the word suggests

Always bear in mind that most of the people that are on social media, be it Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter etc have joined in looking for friends to talk to or someone to socialize with, and while reading an article like this, since you are always too busy for social media, you decided to join as you learnt from the article of the  great business opportunity and prospects of selling your products.  Now that you have joined, be social, talk to people, attend to problems your friends have.   A friend on Facebook has updated status indicating how heartbroken and your response is “ Sorry Friend, come to our beauty spa we will take your stress away with one touch”, that may sound good but should be said when your friend is in a good mood.  At the moment of brokenness all a friend needs is “What happened friend, what can I do to help you?” than seeing it as an opportunity to sell your products or business.  You must also show emotions and share a bit of what you were doing weekend that bombarding them with adverts after adverts.

Be a brand yourself before you can promote a brand

Any company before employing the sales representative they prefer to conduct interview first to see if the person that they are going to hire will be able to represent their brand well.  Being entrepreneur you need to ask yourself if you are representing the brand well.  You need to be the right person for your company.  What you say in social media reflect back to your company even if you put a capital LOL at the end.  Your language must be in line with the brand that you are.  Behave like you are listed at Stock exchange where if the CEO is sick the shares go down, if CEO resigns with no given reason shares take a knock, if CEO say a statement that does not go well with investors the shares get affected.  The same applies to you, you are linked and associated with your business and company so be careful how you conduct yourself in public.

Join groups for advertising

There are a lot of groups especially on facebook that are meant for business discussions and advertising.  Be a member of those groups as that will help you to go broad in advertising your business that always running adverts on your status update.  Facebook asks “ What is in your mind” not “what do you have to sell to your friends”.  And even on the groups instead of running advert after advert try to offer business advice about the product you sell or your business experience in general, that way you will give group members indication that you do not only sell but you do face challenges and you show how overcame those challenges.  Be a human being behind the business than a business without a soul.

Keep your message brief and to the point

If you are not on twitter yet you should consider it as it is able to train people to be short and to the point when writing.  It helps you to get rid of less important information and focus on the gist of the matter.  A person has a website and other links but still give too much information and leave no appetite for someone to want to visit the website as all seems to have been outlined on the group or even status update and you wonder why you lose friends daily as some cannot stand having adverts pushed through their throats, and some groups do block you as they feel that you are avalanching it with too much adverts which may irritate other members and make them leave the group because of you.  One line can say a lot if well thought of than twenty lines.  And please have a good timing, you need to have business hours and use that time to advertise, after hours show also that you have people in your life you spend time with by toning down on advertising and at least talk about the good meal you are preparing for your family, by so doing others will be able to visit your profile and see your previous advert than running adverts 24/7.

Attend to your inbox and private messages

Some people are shy to respond directly to you on your status update and might prefer to communicate with you via inbox for clarity.  Don’t be carried away by status updates and forget to check your inbox because by the time you want to respond via inbox the person will tell you “I have been helped somewhere thank you” without bothering to say “Idiot, what took you so long to come back to me”.  Do not take longer than necessary to respond to people via inbox.  If the message was sent weekend make that person aware that you only attended to message on Monday hence late response.  And if a person inbox you do not show desperation, present your business and give client time to digest and come back to you that to always ask if they have made up their minds every second you see them online.

Did I mention Whatsapp and Wechat and others? Guess they are covered on the above though whatsapp has caused pains to many relationships with its famous “Last seen”   and hope Mark Zuckerberg will address that concern.  Whatever social media you use know that you are talking to a person with soul and emotions on the other side, behave responsibly.


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