What you didn’t know about R1 insurance

Posted: June 2, 2017 in Ndzavi Derrick

The King of super affordable car insurance that decreases every month has done it again. This time, though, King Price has brought to the market the chance for you to cover a range of valuables for just R1 a month.

That’s right, you can insure some of your favourite things for the lowest amount possible!

Here’s a list of what King Price R1 insurance covers:

  • Apple watch: The only thing that should get your heart rate up is exercise, not stressing about what could happen to your precious fitness device.
  • Nikon camera: Things drop, things break, and things cost money, which is why this is perfect for your Nikon.
  • Golf clubs: You can insure your golf clubs for just R1 monthly, leaving you to practice with all your concentration on the green.
  • Bike: These can be crazy expensive to buy and heart-wrenching to replace, so it’s best to cover your 2-wheeler.
  • Hearing aid: These are expensive and necessary to catch the highs and lows of life in all its glory, so give them the cover they deserve.

Here’s how it works:

You first need comprehensive cover for your car from King Price. Once you have this policy, you can then comprehensively insure a precious portable item that you use on a day-to-day basis, but that you might not think to cover.

For every comprehensive car insurance policy that you have, you can insure a single R1 item.

  • 1 car = 1 R1 item
  • 2 cars = 2 R1 items
  • 50 cars = 50 R1 items

And so on…

Not only do you get affordable cover, decreasing premiums, and the freedom to choose your own excess… But you also get to insure a whole extra (expensive) asset for less than your undercover parking ticket at the shops.

So, get a quote online, call their royal client care team on 0860 50 50 50, or pop the king an email at king@kingprice.co.za


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