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How to choose car insurance

Posted: June 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

Times are tough, and some people try to save by skimping on their insurance. But, with more than 10 million cars on the road in South Africa, downgrading or doing away with car insurance really isn’t a good idea! (And, with crime being what it is, cancelling your home contents or portable possessions insurance isn’t a bright idea either!)

So, here are some tips to help you choose insurance well, and make the most of your monthly budget while you’re at it.

Look after your stuff

Take good care of the things you’ve insured to avoid making unnecessary small claims that might later result in an increase to your premium. Also, having your car serviced regularly will reduce the chance of mechanical failures, and installing a safe at home will help keep your precious and valuable items, well, safe at home.

Get the basics right

The responsibility for keeping your insurer up to date with the values of your insured items lies with you. King Price automatically reduces your car premium monthly as the value of your car depreciates, so ensure that your insurer or broker is doing the same for you. The replacement values of your house, your home contents and your portable possessions will also change from time to time and you must update your insurer. Remember that your buildings should be insured for what it would cost to rebuild them from the ground up, including the big things like your pool, boundary walls and driveway, and the little things like light fittings, taps and cupboard handles.

Bundle it together

We all love getting more for less, and bundling your insurance policies together with a single insurer could bring your monthly premium down. For instance, if you comprehensively insure your chariot (or whatever wheels you use to get around) with the king, you get a discount when you insure 2+ cars, and you also get cover for your Apple Watch, Nikon camera, golf clubs, bike or your hearing aid for just R1 a month.

Get reducing premiums

The value of your car depreciates monthly, so it makes no sense for your car insurance premium to stay the same. Getting car insurance that decreases monthly is a sure way of making certain you’re paying the best premium.

Understand your excess

Your excess is the first amount payable on each claim, but you need to ensure that you can afford to pay it if you need to claim. With King Price you can choose the excess that best suits your budget, so all you need to do is save this amount and stash it somewhere safe in case you need it.


ND EtvMany people are on social media space yet fail to use it optimally leading to them failing dismally in growing their businesses.  Some believe that to have a voice on social media space they must be celebrities or people of influence.  Reality is that one can be a celebrity but without content one can still not have strong presence on social media that can yield profit.  Content is what one can create or source, which is relevant to the business one owns.  Whatever one says or do should lead towards social awareness, business gains or advocacy.

Find a cause, you will have content

There are many reasons people join social media space, some are looking for friends, others want to sell their products, while others are looking for a space to air their views.  Know why you are on social media and have a strategy on how you will drive your cause.  If your cause is business, find ways and means through which you will drive your product or service without trying to play cool as if you do not need sales.

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Start using real names, real content, real picture

If you know your cause on social media you will have an identity that is authentic and credible.  You will not hide behind a pseudonym.  Followers and friends want to deal with a real person they can trust.  It does not work to tell potential client that “My real name is” when they are about to pay your with their real money, not fake.  Rather use your picture or any symbol related to your cause than getting any picture of celebrity or any person and present it as yours.  There are some of your followers who do not know how  Rihanna looks like and some conclude that it is your picture and by the time they meet you in person can cancel the deal without giving you reasons.

Create content that will sell without price tag

Followers or friends on social media are looking for engagement, communication and interaction than a situation where you always sell your products without even saying “Halo”.  They want to feel that you are a human being with human needs, you ask why they are not happy, you celebrate their successes, in the mists of all that you have to find a way to sell your product or service.  Best way to do it is to follow conversation that are in line with your services, bring up conversations that will trigger interest for them to know what business you are in.  And most of them they will do that via Inbox or DM without anyone noticing.  Some may not contact you immediately but will keep you in mind for such time that they will need your services.

Be smart, Keep track of the conversation

Do not delete any DM or Inbox that is business related.  Some of your friends or followers may ask you about your services this year and make follow up next year, and when they show up next year it will give them pleasure to notice that you still remember their last enquiry.  Often you will find that they even deleted the conversation from their side or the conversation is right on top but did not bother to check.  Use that as “Doctor’s File” and make reference to it even if is not related to the current enquiry.

For every picture there must be content

If you decide to use posters or pictures in promoting your services or products, let there be a story behind, make your followers or friends understand why you posted that image.  Your content must create appetite to want to buy or share what you have posted.  Remember always that it is not about selling only but brand awareness, the more people recognize your brand the more they get attached to it and the more they want to do business with you.


The King of super affordable car insurance that decreases every month has done it again. This time, though, King Price has brought to the market the chance for you to cover a range of valuables for just R1 a month.

That’s right, you can insure some of your favourite things for the lowest amount possible!

Here’s a list of what King Price R1 insurance covers:

  • Apple watch: The only thing that should get your heart rate up is exercise, not stressing about what could happen to your precious fitness device.
  • Nikon camera: Things drop, things break, and things cost money, which is why this is perfect for your Nikon.
  • Golf clubs: You can insure your golf clubs for just R1 monthly, leaving you to practice with all your concentration on the green.
  • Bike: These can be crazy expensive to buy and heart-wrenching to replace, so it’s best to cover your 2-wheeler.
  • Hearing aid: These are expensive and necessary to catch the highs and lows of life in all its glory, so give them the cover they deserve.

Here’s how it works:

You first need comprehensive cover for your car from King Price. Once you have this policy, you can then comprehensively insure a precious portable item that you use on a day-to-day basis, but that you might not think to cover.

For every comprehensive car insurance policy that you have, you can insure a single R1 item.

  • 1 car = 1 R1 item
  • 2 cars = 2 R1 items
  • 50 cars = 50 R1 items

And so on…

Not only do you get affordable cover, decreasing premiums, and the freedom to choose your own excess… But you also get to insure a whole extra (expensive) asset for less than your undercover parking ticket at the shops.

So, get a quote online, call their royal client care team on 0860 50 50 50, or pop the king an email at