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Ndzavi DerrickSocial media is a great platform for networking, business connection, family contact, friendship, dating that may lead to marriage or heartbreak, whatever the reason may be, the bottom line is any person who is on social media already know the purpose and intentions of being there.  How you behave to those you are connected with may make or break your business as you may be consumed with marketing and advertising your business and become useless to your friends or become too social and neglect marketing your business Read Full Article


Ndzavi DerrickMany people are sitting with ideas and have no funds to implement them and some of these ideas die without seeing daylight.  They put their focus on banks and other financial institutions for funding and overlook the private investors who would have been able to finance those projects had they been approached the same way one approach the financial institutions, however most people when they approach private funders they tend to do it very casual hence most investors refuse to finance the projects.  In order for your idea to get investors’ attention you must:… Read Full Article

Do Not Sit On Your Laurels

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Ndzavi Derrick

ND JSE pict realYou will have heard of how Blackberry was once a darling of the market where you would feel lost without the blackberry handset.  By the way many people do not even know the company owning Blackberry, its name is Research In Motion and it is not based in USA but Canada.  What became so special about Blackberry was not the device itself but the functionality of the device. The BBM messaging that was introduced as BBM and the accessibility of email from the handset made Blackberry the most loved and cherished around the world…Read Full Article

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